Two-Tone Volume 2: Administrative Hearings

Two-Tone Volume 2: Administrative Hearings


wo-Tone Volume 2: Administrative Hearings

The Two-Tone technique is a concept developed by ACEBO.  The provided USB flash drive contains both source material for you to practice interpreting and a model interpretation of that same material by an expert interpreter.  

On the drive you will find three folders. To listen to the source material only, open the folder labeled "Source." To listen to both the source material and a model interpretation, open the folder labeled "Two-Tone." To listen to the model interpretation only, open the folder labeled "Interpretation."

When you listen to the interpretation provided, not only  are your terminology questions about the passage answered, you also gain valuable insights into the time lag, or décalage employed by an expert interpreter.

Volume 2 of the Two-Tone audio series contains English source material,  with a simultaneous interpretation into Spanish by Holly Mikkelson, a nationally and internationally recognized authority on court and community interpreting.

Volume 2 contains passages excerpted from the following types of administrative hearings:

  • Unemployment Appeals Hearings (two)
  • Department of Motor Vehicles Hearing
  • Social Services Hearing
  • Rehabilitation Conference
  • Worker's Compensation Hearing
  • Disability Hearing