Sample Sound Clips


These sound clips are all very short--5 to 15 seconds. To keep file sizes modest and download times reasonable, these clips were recorded at a fairly low sampling rate. They are therefore not truly representative of the sound quality achieved on the actual tapes.

Each of the sound clips listed below can also be accessed from the page describing the product from which the sample is taken. The clips are linked to the product pictures. If, for example, you click on the picture of The Interpreter's Edge, Third Edition, you will hear the same clip listed below for The Interpreter's Edge, Third Edition.

Spanish-English Sound Clips

from The Interpreter's Edge, Third Edition

from The Interpreter's Edge, Turbo Supplement

from The Interpreter's Rx

from Two-Tone Tapes, Volume I

Other-Language Sound Clips

from The Interpreter's Edge Generic Edition

from The Cantonese Tape Set

from The Mandarin Tape Set

from The Korean Tape Set

from The Russian Tape Set

from The Vietnamese Tape Set