Spanish Medical Manuals, References, and Textbooks

  • El Manual Merck: Séptima edición en español. Nueva Editorial Interamericana, S.A. de C.V. Mexico. 1986. ISBN No. 968-25-1238-7. Translation of the above (although the English editions are updated more frequently than the Spanish translations).
  • Medicina forense. Alfonso Quiroz Cuarón. Editorial Porrúa, S.A. Mexico. 1993. ISBN No. 968-432-334-4. Good for basic terminology, but out of date (nothing on DNA!).
  • Hematología forense. Q.F.B. Martha Franco de Ambriz. Editorial Porrúa, S.A. Mexico. 1991. ISBN No. 968-432-976-8. Nothing on DNA here, either, but good for traditional tests.
  • Manual práctica para parteras. Esther Gally. Impresora GALVE, S.A. Mexico. ISBN No. 968-45-0016-5. Excellent for ObGyn and family planning terminology, intended for laypersons.
  • Donde No Hay Doctor: Una Guía para los Campesinos que Viven lejos de los Centros Médicos. David Werner. La Fundación Hesperian (USA). 1994. ISBN 956-242-007-8. A translation, but a good one. More information on this book can be found at
  • Grandes temas de medicina: Biblioteca práctica. Nueva Lente, S.A. Madrid. 1987. ISBN de la obra 84-7534-331-7. A series intended for laypersons, excellent source of terminology. Covers a wide range of illnesses, conditions, treatments, etc.
  • Cúrese usted mismo. Emilio Salas. Ediciones Martínez Roca, S.A Barcelona. 1982. ISBN No. 84-270-0753-1 (for example). A series aimed at laypersons, focusing on natural medicine. Covers a wide range of diseases and conditions.
  • Qué son las drogas. Carmen García Liñán. Arbol Editorial, S.A. de C.V. Mexico. 1990. ISBN No. 968-461-040-8 (for example). Excellent source of drug terminology, including slang and clinical terms. Each book in the series discusses a different type of drug: stimulants, depressants, marijuana, etc.