Bilingual (English/Spanish, Spanish/English) Medical Dictionaries

  • Diccionario de términos médicos. Ruiz Torres. Alhambra. 1989. ISBN No. 84-205-1306-7. Has some acronyms (not MRI, TENS, etc.), gives definitions of English terms, no grammatical markers.
  • Diccionario inglés-español para médicos y estudiantes de medicina. Garrido, Juan. Editorial JIMS, S.A. 1987. ISBN No. 84-7193-086-2. Good for "medicalese," jargon. Only English-Spanish, not bidirectional.
  • English-Spanish Spanish-English Medical Dictionary. Glenn T. Rogers, M.D. McGraw-Hill, Inc. 1992. ISBN No. 0-07-053537-X. Handy paperback for taking on interpreting assignments. Up-to-date terminology (has things like MRI, PET, CAT, etc.).
  • Southwestern Medical Dictionary. Margarita Artschwager Kay. University of Arizona Press. 1977. ISBN No. 0-8165-0529-2. Excellent for folk medicine terminology. Gives definitions of Spanish folk terms.
  • Diccionario enciclopédico University de términos médicos. Nueva Editorial Interamericana, S.A. de C.V. Mexico. 1981. ISBN No. 968-25-0730-8. Excellent compendium of technical terms. Only English-Spanish, not bidirectional.
  • Dorland's Spanish-English Medical Dictionary. 1992. ISBN No. 84-7615-292-0. Very comprehensive (and expensive). Explanations of terms in Spanish.
  • Spanish-English/English-Spanish Medical Dictionary. McElroy, et al. 1982. ISBN No. 0-316-55561-4. Up-to-date terminology, reasonably priced.
  • Bilingual Glossary for Medical and Healthcare Translators: Hematology, Oncology, Radiotherapy. Verónica S. Albin, María T. Coggins. PCM Translation Resources. 1994. ISBN No. 0-9643516-0-9. Reliable, well-researched.