The Interpreter's Edge Turbo Supplement, 2nd Edition

The Interpreter's Edge Turbo Supplement, 2nd Edition


About The Interpreter's Edge Turbo Supplement

What’s new in this edition?

  • Audio rerecorded for better sound quality
  • Updated glossary and references

This set includes 1 book, and 1 USB Flash Drive.

This package of advanced Spanish-English interpreter-training materials is an extension of The Interpreter's Edge. It provides advanced interpreters with more challenging material. The Turbo Supplement includes audio USB Flash Drive and printed materials for four simultaneous interpretation lessons, four consecutive interpretation lessons, and six sight translation lessons (there is no audio for the sigh translation lessons). The simultaneous lessons emphasize technical terminology. The consecutive lessons emphasize both technical terminology and slang. The Spanish sight translations emphasize the complex sentences, legal terminology, and frozen phrases often found in Spanish legal documents. The English sight texts emphasize slang and idioms. The Turbo Supplement is ideal for candidates preparing to take the US federal exam.